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What our patient’s say…

At Family Planning Associates Medical Group in Phoenix, Arizona, we are a nonjudgmental, safe and caring environment.

We’ll do everything we can to make sure you have a comfortable experience.

We welcome all patient comments. Feel free to leave patient comments under our online Patient Feedback form.

“There is no room for improvement. Everyone did an excellent job. Dr. Stanley is AWESOME!”
“Every minute of my stay was excellent. The assistant was very comforting and professional. She was with me throughout my procedure and made me feel safe.”
“Services are great. You made me feel very comfortable. Thank you.”
“I can’t think of a thing you all need to change. My visit here has been excellent.”
“I was all-around pleased with everyone & everything in this office. Timely manner, excellent disposition of everyone, non-judgmental, comforting atmosphere! Again Thank You”
“Everything is perfect. I like how Dr. Isaacson walks around to see if everything is OK. He keeps checking on his patients.”
“Services are excellent. The staff and doctor were very helpful and understanding.”
“Thank you sooo much for caring for me- you have free advertisement (word of mouth) for the rest of your life! Any friends in need I will refer your way!”
“…everyone is great. Kinda makes me feel like my own family members were here by the way I was treated. You all made me feel not only comfortable about everything, but welcome and accepted. Thank you so much!!!”
“Thank you for making it an easy process and making me feel comfortable about my decision. It wasn’t easy but I know it was right.”
“The medical assistant made my ultrasound, lab work, procedure, and recovery all a pleasant experience. I never saw a gyn doctor before”
“Thank you for helping me through this rough time and made me feel at ease with the whole procedure/decision.”
“Everyone is polite and very welcoming. They show compassion and made it much easier for me to be here.”
“Amazing and very comforting. She was also able to answer all my questions and concerns thoroughly.”

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