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Arizona Abortion Laws

Until recently, Arizona law had few restrictions on abortion. In fact, Arizona’s favorite son, republican Sen. Barry Goldwater, who ran unsuccessfully for president in 1964, was a vocal supporter of abortion rights. Conservative politics prior to the 1980’s was mostly libertarian, and so, it was felt that restrictions on abortion were an encroachment on personal privacy and individual liberties. In recent years Arizona politics has shifted from libertarianism to religious conservatism which has included numerous restrictions on abortion.
The first of the Arizona Abortion Law changes was a requirement that minors obtain the consent on one of their parents before having an abortion which passed on 1996. The abortion law also includes the option of a minor obtaining a “judicial bypass” by appearing before a judge. If the bypass is granted, the minor may have an abortion without the consent of a parent. In 2002 the Arizona legislature passed a bill that banned physician assistants from performing surgical abortions.

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Abortion Procedures at Family Planning in AZ

Abortion Procedure: Surgical vs Medical Abortion

At Family Planning Associates Medical Group in Phoenix, Arizona, we provide two different abortion procedures: medical abortions (abortion Pill) and surgical abortions for pregnancies up to 24 weeks.

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Abortion Concerned

Confused About Abortion

Family Planning Associates Medical Group offers informative videos so our patients feel more at ease and comfortable during the decision-making process.

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